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Waiting List Management

Our Referral to Treatment (RTT) offer helps NHS Trusts to maintain accurate waiting lists

Our waiting list management team have a deep understanding of the local challenges and needs within our health economies.  We are proud to work hand in hand with our clients to design and deliver tailored waiting list management solutions.

Our RTT service is different

  • We provide a cost-effective end-to-end waiting list management service to all NHS Trusts.
  • We are part of the NHS and so have the NHS’ interest and values at the heart of everything we do.
  • We have experience of providing our RTT specialist services in many Trusts across England and have previously led the national waiting list data validation programme.
  • Our ambition is to give you confidence in your waiting lists and leave your
    organisation with a sustainable waiting list management solution.

Common issues we come across

Some of these situations may apply to your organisation – they are not uncommon!

  • Lack of confidence in the waiting list size
  • Lack of (independent) assurance at Board level about the quality/accuracy of waiting lists
  • Worried about ‘missing patients’
  • Concerns about wasting precious slots on patients that don’t exist (e.g. duplicates) resulting in those patients genuinely needing a slot being avoidably delayed, increasing clinical risk
  • Increase in size of waiting list compared to previous year, sometimes unexplained
  • Experience tells us that on average, Trust waiting lists are avoidably overstated by around 10%. We’ve seen this range from 3% to 22%
  • Historically it has been labour intensive, time consuming and costly to manage validation
  • Fixes are often temporary as root causes not addressed meaning costly validation has to be repeated

What sets us apart?

There are many aspects of our work that set us apart from other organisations:

Our technology

  • Our unique technology coupled with our expert subject matter knowledge
    enables us to provide Trusts with a rapid Waiting List diagnostic report, typically within 7-14 days. This will:

    • Surface all the Trust’s data quality issues and the potentially problematic pathways
    • Help responsible officers easily understand and address the root causes of DQ issues
    • Help the organisation target their finite resources e.g.
      • ‘Smart’ validation
      • Staff training
      • Process changes
  • Provide assurance (or otherwise) of existing business rules and RTT policies
  • Our web technology also can provide complete real-time visibility of the status of the waiting list across the organisation and enables management reports to be instantly downloaded by anyone with permission.

Our people

  • We offer flexible and scalable validation resources to either:
    • Supplement the Trust’s own in-house validation teams
    • Conduct validation ourselves using our trained validators
      • We have expertise in all PAS systems (CaMIS, Cerner etc)
    • Carry out all validation completely remotely, thereby providing least disruption to the Trust
  • Our confidence is such that we can offer a fixed price validation service so no matter what we find we guarantee to complete our work within the cost envelope.
  • Our RTT training service is CPD accredited and is targeted to three staff groups. It can be delivered online or classroom based or a mixed approach to suit each organisation.
    • Clinicians
    • Management
    • Administration

The value we add

  • Significant sums of money have been spent by some Trusts using expensive
    external validation teams, sometimes without solving the root causes.
  • Whilst we can provide you with a menu of our services, we invariably recommend a diagnostic first because it’s value-added, it’s quick to do, it’s very cost-effective and not disruptive. We could also help you avoid unnecessarily spending money in certain areas.
  • Our waiting list diagnostic provides an excellent basis to steer your management action plan and focus your RTT resources rather than take a scatter-gun / validate everything / train everyone approach.
  • Our RTT solution improves productivity of your in-house teams with the day-to-day responsibility for waiting list management
  • Our software is web-based and so:
    • Provides complete visibility of the Trust’s waiting lists
    • Provides a dynamic single source of truth with regard to the size and shape of the waiting lists
    • Eliminates the need for spreadsheets
    • Maximises automation of data quality improvements leading to improved productivity and efficiency of in-house validation teams and significantly reduced expenditure on external validation costs

Evidence of impact

We have worked with 25 Trusts so far:

  • 11 in the North region
  • 14 in the South East region
  • 1,815.094 pathways analysed
  • 894,663 Data Quality issues identified which equated to 49% of the pathways analysed

Our services

Services we offer include:

  • Waiting List Diagnostic
    • Full Waiting List Diagnostic
    • Cancer Diagnostic
    • PTL Diagnostic
  • Waiting List Validation
    • Fully managed validation service / fixed cost
    • Hybrid option where NECS validators supplement your in-house teams
    • NECS on-site or remote validation
  • RTT Training (CPD Accredited)
    • Clinical teams
    • Management teams
    • Administrative teams
  • ClearPTL Software
    • Complete visibility and transparency of waiting lists across organisation
    • Real-time reporting


We can provide contact details of our NHS customers upon request.

Find out more

If you have any questions about our waiting list management service, please contact us at: