The UEC-RAIDR app provides valuable insight and intelligence about care providers across the system, offering real-time information on OPEL status, ambulance activity, 111 and 999 call volumes, ED activity, waiting times, available beds and many more metrics tailored to your region.

Designed for primary care, secondary care, CCGs, ambulance services, LADB partner organisations, or the whole Integrated Care system itself, the UEC-RAIDR app was created through the North East and Cumbria Urgent and Emergency Care Network with input from professionals across the system.

Check out our new video which introduces the UEC-RAIDR app:

The service, which is available on both desktop browsers and as a fully featured mobile smartphone app (available via the Apple app store and Google Play), includes:

  • An overview of the whole Urgent and Emergency Care system tailored to your region.
  • OPEL Escalation action plans for use within all care settings, to inform system partners of actions as they are taken.
  • The ability for GP practices, Urgent Treatment centres and Out-of-hours hubs to flag when they are experiencing surge, by setting their OPEL status and capturing reasons for the escalation.
  • Directory of Services integration – saving on precious time, previously spent updating multiple systems.

The system also provides:

  • Notifications – App users can be notified of changes in OPEL level or of escalation actions that are in place, as well as being able to receive updates for any topic, metric or site, meaning they can be proactively alerted to changes across the UEC system targeted to specific areas or elements most important to them in their role.
  • Targeted messaging to pre-defined groups, so without leaving the app you can send important updates to your team(s) on the ground, notifying them of key operational issues.
  • Map views displaying your whole system with OPEL statuses of each organisation clearly visible, as a regional overview as well as allowing you to zoom in to each locality for a more detailed inspection.
  • Coming soon… Forecasting – understanding both where you now, whilst providing a forecast of upcoming demand – valuable insight for planning and managing your service.

To register for the app in a browser, you can go to https://uecprod.service.raidr.co.uk/  or to download the mobile app, go to the App Store or Google Play,  and search for ‘UEC-RAIDR’.