Terms and conditions


The End User Licence Agreement (EULA) governs the use of the UEC-RAIDR Urgent Care Application.

By using the UEC-RAIDR Urgent Care Application, I the user, agree to be bound by the terms of this EULA –

  1. confirm that the information provided during the registration process for Access to UEC-RAIDR Urgent Care Application is accurate. I agree to ensure that the UEC Network Delivery team are immediately notified of any changes to this information;
  2. agree that I will check the operation of my log on details promptly after I receive it. This will ensure that I have been granted the correct access level.  I also agree to notify the UEC Network Delivery team promptly if I become aware of any problems with accessing UEC-RAIDR Urgent Care Application;
  3. acknowledge that I, or my employer, shall notify the UEC Network Delivery team at any time should either wish to terminate this Agreement and to have my access revoked e.g. on cessation of my employment or contractual arrangement or other relevant change in my job role;
  4. acknowledge that I will keep my log in details private and secure and that I will not permit anybody else to use it. If I suspect my log in has been compromised by a third party I will report this to the UEC Network Delivery team as soon as possible;
  5. will take all reasonable steps to ensure that I always leave my mobile device secure when I am not using it;
  6. agree that I will use UEC-RAIDR Urgent Care Application in accordance with The NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice.

UEC Network Delivery Team necsu.uecnetwork@nhs.net