Clinical safety assessment of the HealthPathways Health IT system

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The challenge

HealthPathways, a Health IT system developed by Streamliners in New Zealand, supports the delivery of localised relevant pathways to general practitioners and other clinicians. The system assists with informed and supportive decision making at the point of care, within any locally agreed health policies.

As part of the requirement of the system being available across England, the NECS’ clinical safety team (digital) was commissioned to complete the clinical safety assessment in relation to the DCB0129: Manufacture of a health IT system standard for the HealthPathways product. This enabled the system to be compliant with NHS Digital Standards.


Our response:

The NECS clinical safety team provided support and guidance to Streamliners to strengthen their understanding on the mandatory requirements of the NHS Digital Standards. This enabled the facilitation of the hazard log assessment process and the formulation of the clinical safety case report (CSCR).

The completed clinical safety case report was submitted for an extensive peer to peer review to the clinical leads of Streamliners, through their internal safety committee, and to the NECS Clinical Governance Committee to ensure approval of the assessment against NHS digital clinical safety standards.


Optometrist carrying out eye check with male patient



HealthPathways is now compliant with DCB0129, which gives clear transferable risks and clinical safety rationale to be considered for deploying organisations when they are producing a DCB0160 clinical case report.

By providing assurance of the clinical safety standards, the risk to patients is reduced as the appropriate hazard mitigations are in place. NECS and Streamliners continue to work together to deliver the HealthPathways product.


“On behalf of Streamliners, I’d like to extend our thanks to the NECS Clinical Safety team (digital) for supporting us through this. You have made what could have been quite a challenging process about as easy as it could possibly have been. We are very grateful for your expertise and for all the work you have done in pulling it all together.” 

Dr Kieran Holland, Clinical Lead, Community & Platform Strategy