Claims Management

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Our Claims Management team helps to make sure any claims received by your organisation are handled safely. 

We will support you in the coordination of any claims received and will liaise with the NHS Resolution team so you are confident your case is being supported by the right professionals. Our experienced experts will also provide advice and support in relation to latest guidance and frameworks so correct processes are followed. 

Our complete Claims Management service is appropriate to your organisational needs and meets current national guidance and legal frameworks. 


Our offer

  • Support and coordination of your claim from end to end to ensure it follows the NHS Resolution guidelines 
  • A close liaison with staff, managers and clinicians across your organisation to gather claims information 
  • Advice and support to staff that may be involved with a claim, either in terms of investigation, providing witness statements or being involved in the claim incident 
  • Advice to staff on matters relating to liability/legal cover 
  • Assurance that all information relating to claims is logged and recorded appropriately and accurately 
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of the claims management process 
  • Claims management update reports. 


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