Framework Agreements

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To help our customers understand their route to market, here are the active frameworks which NECS has a place on:

Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF)

NHS England and NHS Improvement framework in place until 31/08/2024.

  • Lot 1: Shared or Integrated Care Records
  • Lot 2: ICT Infrastructure support and strategic ICT services, including Primary Care IT support and cyber security
  • Lot 3: Informatics, analytics and digital tools for Population Health, Business and Clinical Intelligence
  • Lot 4: Tools and applications that support direct patient care
  • Lot 5: Surveys
  • Lot 6: Transformation and change support
  • Lot 7: Patient empowerment and activation (but not personal health records)
  • Lot 8: System optimisation (but not digitisation) of NHS Continuing HealthCare
  • Lot 9: System assurance support
  • Lot 10: Medicines optimisation.

    ICT Solutions Delivery: Professional Services and Consultancy Support

    North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) framework in place until 11/11/2024.

    • Supplier on Lot 4: Digital and Innovation.

    Training and Development Services

    East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub in place until 16/01/2025.

    • Lot 1: One to one coaching and mentoring services
    • Lot 2: Training programmes
    • Lot 3: Innovative synaptic, memory and reality learning
    • Lot 4a: Systems approach to learning from patient safety incidents training
    • Lot 4b: Systems approach to learning from patient safety incidents oversight
    • Lot 4c: Patient and staff involvement in learning from patient safety incidents
    • Lot 5: System leadership
    • Lot 6: Litigation and coroner inquests
    • Lot 7: System value and sustainability.

    Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6 Framework – RM1043.7

    Crown Commercial Service framework in place until 27/06/2025.

    • Supplier on Lot 1: Digital outcomes and Lot 2: Digital specialists.

    Management Consultancy Framework Three – RM6187

    Crown Commercial Service framework in place until 23/08/2025.

    • Supplier on Lot 1: Business.

    Consultancy and Advisory Services for Health Framework

    NHS Shared Business Services Framework in place until 17/03/2026.

    • Lot 1: Business, leadership, management, governance, structure and strategy
    • Lot 2: Integrated care, healthcare and community care
    • Lot 3: Commercialisation, innovation and transformation
    • Lot 4: Communications, engagement and research
    • Lot 5: IT Business consultancy
    • Lot 6: Finance and procurement
    • Lot 7: HR and employment, skills and training
    • Lot 8: Disease outbreaks – endemics, epidemics and pandemics.

    Transforming Organisations, Partnerships and Systems Framework – Multi-Specialty Support and Advisory Consultancy Services

    East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub framework in place until 23/04/27.

    • Lot 1: Sustainable services modelling, design and improvement
    • Lot 2: Strategy, system leadership, governance and integrated assurance
    • Lot 4: Commercial, financial and analytical related advisory services
    • Lot 5: Procurement and supply chain services
    • Lot 6: Workforce transformation
    • Lot 7: Communications and engagement delivery
    • Lot 8: Multi-disciplinary consultancy service.

    Consultancy and Associated Services Framework

    North of England (NoE) Commercial Procurement Collaborative in place until 31/05/2027.


    • Lot C1: Transactions and corporate finance
    • Lot C2: Tax and VAT
    • Lot C3: Procurement and commissioning support
    • Lot C4: Marketing, communications and PR
    • Lot E2: Public health
    • Lot E3: Social care (adult and children).