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“NECS is a unique and privileged member of the NHS family, committed to providing its customers with the highest quality services possible, dedicated to liberating its people to find solutions to healthcare’s knotty problems and devoted to over-turning health inequalities with its integrated care system partners.”

NECS (North of England Care System Support) was originally set up in 2013 to meet the needs of NHS healthcare commissioners in the North East and North Cumbria.

Since then, we have diversified and expanded the range of customers we serve, delivering support to health and social care systems locally, nationally and internationally. At the same time, we have significantly enhanced our portfolio of services, with a Consulting Practice and a suite of innovative, leading-edge Digital Applications, which complement our extensive, end-to-end care system support capabilities.

We aim to make NECS a sustainable and financially viable business. We work very hard to delight our customers with the quality and value of our services and we are devoted to making NECS an inspiring, creative and fulfilling place to work.

NECS has learnt how to survive and flourish in a competitive, commercial environment. We benefit from a range of freedoms granted to us by NHS England; freedoms to trade, to procure, to enter into partnerships – all of which are essential if we are to realise our potential. Probably our most important partnerships are those between NECS and our Customer Owners, a unique relationship within the NHS and one that has been instrumental to the success of NECS.

We have learnt so much since 2013. We have learnt about risk and how our appetite for risk needs to adapt to the commercial world we operate in. We have learnt about money, the vanity of turnover and the sanity of controlling costs whilst giving customers excellent value. We have learnt about competition and collaboration, that they can happily co-exist and drive innovation. And we are learning how to learn, how to become a learning and continually improving organisation.

Our social purpose is very important to us. We believe we have the potential to make our own important contribution to reducing health inequalities by creating well-rewarded employment and generating wealth for the communities we serve. To this end we are very proud of NECS 100 Programme and its enduring legacy.