Operational support and managed services

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Our team responds to the urgent operational challenges of our customers through rapid mobilisation of interim support teams which include programme management, administration, operational support and business functions. 

Our team support can be stepped up and down in line with changing requirements and include management oversight and health and wellbeing to ensure staff are fully supported in times of intense pressure. 

We draw on our in-depth experience and lessons learnt from mobilisation of teams throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, working at system, regional and national level to support the procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), provision of COVID-19 testing to health and social care workers, supply of COVID-19 vaccine to vaccination sites, and senior leadership and coordination within NHSE Joint Regional Operations Centre (JROC) managing EU Exit, critical care capacity, urgent emergency care and winter planning, ambulance transfers and elective care. 

We also offer an opportunity for our step-up services to transition into ongoing managed services as part of business as usual for customers. Specific areas of expertise include: urgent and emergency care and elective recovery, with current services including 7-day provision of system control centres (SCC) for integrated care boards, Waiting Well hub providing support to patients awaiting elective surgery, management and coordination of the system level Directory of Service (DOS) linked to NHS 111, and coordination of independent funding requests (IFR) and support for value-based commissioning.