Data Management

We deliver managed data, digital and automation services to organisations across the health and care system. Our data and technology-enabled innovation drives efficiencies and supports flexible, tailored health and care provision that promotes people’s health, wellbeing and independence.  

We are considered a leading provider of solutions, driving forward national NHS and Government’s data and technology ambitions. Our services unlock the power of data, transforming the way it is used to drive intelligent decision making – improving outcomes and experience for the patient and the public.  

Our services

  • Enterprise data management services: including technical design, architecture, data pipelines and engineering, data quality and DBA support 
  • Enabling infrastructure: including provisioning of Secure Data Environments / Trusted Research Environments for population health management and research and development. Secure Data Environments are data storage and access platforms, which uphold the highest standards of privacy and security to access data  
  • Our platform Axym: one of England’s Sub-National Secure Data Environments, which provides a secure cloud-based environment to access data. This is underpinned by our data and information governance advice so that analysts can interrogate data safely 
  • Primary care solutions: including advice on data quality, extraction and processing 
  • Design, development and end-user support of digital applications, APIs and websites 
  • Bespoke digital tools: to aid operational management activities, reducing burden and rapid application tooling, leveraging the value of N365 national arrangement – for example use of PowerAutomate/PowerApps, PowerBI 
  • Business process automation: removing reliance on manual and repetitive tasks, replaced by automated workflows 
  • Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions allow organisations to offload manual processes within their own organisation or between organisations 
  • Consultancy services: covering security, data, application, web and cloud architecture 
  • Data assurance and technical compliance: including accessibility and Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)  
  • Clinical Safety Services in line with NHS England’s Clinical Risk Management Standards, DCB0129 in its Application and Manufacturing of Health IT Systems and DCB0160 its Application in the Deployment and use. 

The benefits

The breadth and strength of our service delivery is provided by a team of data, digital and technology experts who will bring their experience to manage your programmes.

Providing an end-to-end service, we will give you peace of mind around all aspects of managing your data and digital requirements, supporting you to navigate around a complex landscape, safely and securely.

Contact the team

Richard McLeod
Chief Technology Officer