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Research, evaluation, and evidence are vital to delivering sustainable healthcare improvements and better outcomes for the population we serve. Our Research and Evidence team will support you to meet statutory duties in promoting research and the use of evidence in your decision-making.  

Our offer

  • Skills to find, appraise and apply research evidence in the commissioning cycle 
  • Training which is bespoke to your organisational needs around finding evidence and developing evaluations 
  • Circulation of and signposting to new relevant outputs and evidence from research projects
  • Advice on appropriate methods to be used to collect new evidence
  • A forum and support to develop new relevant research
  • Support to prioritise and refine research ideas, and develop and apply for funding
  • Advice and support on research governance 
  • Host and management of external research grants
  • Evidence and outcomes from research
  • Strategic partnerships and collaborations with key academics to develop new research and evaluations
  • Active links to universities with a variety of methodological and clinical research skills to add to research and evaluation questions you wish to develop. 

    The benefits

    • Our expertise: we can help you meet statutory duties of promoting and supporting research and make sure that you are using evidence-based decision making to ultimately improve services and outcomes for patients
    • Research and evaluation development: our breadth and depth of experience means that we are well placed to support the development of new evidence. We work with a wide range of commissioners, healthcare professionals and academics and have strong links with regional and national research and evaluation networks 
    • Our governance knowledge and assurance: we provide robust research governance services on behalf of NENC ICB, North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership and City of York Health and Care Partnership. This means we are best placed to ensure that research carried out in or across an ICS, primary care and other community settings is planned and delivered within relevant guidelines and with appropriate permissions. We provide assurance that the safety and confidentiality of participants will be protected, and research activities will not impact on effective service delivery
    • Our professional development offering: we deliver regular training courses to customers. Standard training sessions focus not only on developing skills to find, appraise, and apply research evidence in the commissioning cycle, but how to design an evaluation. We also offer bespoke training sessions specific to organisational and team needs and help commissioners and healthcare professionals to further their skills through support to access development opportunities, funding, and mentorship
    • Knowledge exchange activities: we host regular events designed to share learning and develop research and evaluation networks. These involve: 
        • Regular comprehensive reports to update NENC ICB on research and evaluation progressing in the area, in line with statutory responsibilities 
        • Signposting and summarising new evidence from relevant research and evaluation projects via regular bulletins and our Twitter feed
        • Presenting at and attending regional and national research and evaluation conferences 
        • Nurturing partnerships between librarians, academics, ICBs and clinicians to promote learning and sharing of best evidence
        • Our evaluation service: we work to plan and deliver qualitative and quantitative evaluation of policies, processes, initiatives, services, and interventions to the high standards required by our customers. Our team is often commissioned to deliver programmes of work on a national, regional, and local level, working in close partnership with academics, NECS, NHS England, ICB and clinical colleagues.

    Contact the team

    Shona Haining
    Head of Research and Evidence

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