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NECS is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for our people, customers and the communities we serve.

We recognise the importance of having a diverse and engaged workforce. Our established employment practices, policies and procedures make sure that no employee, or potential employee, receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of:


    • Sex
    • Sexual orientation
    • Religion or belief
    • Disability
    • Social and employment status
    • Political affiliation
    • Race
    • Marital or civil partnership status
    • Age
    • Offending background
    • HIV status
    • Any other personal characteristic.
    • Ethnic or national origin
    • Maternity or pregnancy
    • Trade union membership
    • Domestic circumstances
    • Gender reassignment

    We make sure that our diverse workforce supports the development of an inclusive culture, guaranteeing that we are best placed to deliver services and reflect the populations we serve. Diversity is something we celebrate at NECS, as we recognise that everyone is different and value the unique contribution that everyone’s experience, knowledge and skills makes.

    The promotion of EDI is pursued through our policies and guidance documents to make sure all employees receive fair, equitable and consistent treatment – and that existing and potential employees are not subject to any form of discrimination, but are able to work in an environment where they can give their best.

    Further information with regards to our current EDI strategy can be accessed below. It outlines our approach to equality, staff responsibilities at all bands and our procedure for dealing with complaints.

      Our EDI objectives

      We foster a sense of belonging in everything we do, which is why our Inclusion and Equality Strategy 2023 was created as a part of a collaboration between colleagues. Our strategy sets out our objectives and planned success measures each year. 


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      Prevention and support

      Zero tolerance to bullying and harassment

      Host safe space conversations

      Development of Inclusion Network

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      Recruitment and retention

      Develop NECS data analysis process

      Refresh and develop recruitment literature

      Develop recruitment strategy and branding

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      Training and development

      EDI training for leadership roles

      Extended EDI training for managers

      Review EDI training

      Zero tolerace to bullying and harrassment

      Extensive communications, engagement sessions and resources (physical and online).

      Safe space conversations

      Co-produce and hold Safe Space forums.

      Inclusion Network

      To collaborate on the agendas / experiences of protected characteristic groups in NECS
      Feed back into NECS culture to promote inclusivity for both our people and our policy

      Develop data analysis process

      Identify trends, patterns and areas for development from data sets e.g. National Staff Survey. Identify opportunities to improve diversity and inclusivity within NECS.

      Refresh and develop recruitment literature

      Collaboratively review the current recruitment literature, providing inclusive practice recommendations and updates for policies and procedure.

      Develop recruitment strategy and branding

      Targeted recruitment and resources to support inclusion and diversity in NECS

      EDI training for leadership roles

      Executive & senior teams to attend ED&I Leadership training, to promote a ‘top down’ approach to inclusion within NECS, role modelling inclusive practices and behaviours

      Extended EDI training for managers

      Collaboratively review current model of CPD for new managers. Include additional modules e.g. Unconscious Bias, Intent versus Impact.

      Review EDI training

      Collaboratively review the induction training for all colleagues; engagement from stakeholders at all levels of the organisation.

      Our EDI publications

      NECS publishes a range of information to describe our commitment to EDI and the actions we are taking in pursuit of these aims. Some of these publications help us to comply with our legal public sector equality duties, which arise from statutes such as the Equality Act 2010. Some are optional, meaning they help us to monitor our approach to EDI and to continue to improve organisational inclusion.

      These include: