Risk and Incident Reporting

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Risk management is a dynamic process which involves understanding, analysing and addressing risk to make sure your organisation achieves its objectives.

In addition to managing threats, risk management can also be used to capture and assess the upside opportunities in uncertain environments, for example risk associated with the development of new strategies or products.


What we offer

  • A dynamic risk management framework: to help your organisation demonstrate that it is safe and well-led. We will work with you to review your policies, procedures and current practices with the aim of creating a positive risk culture where everyone understands their roles and responsibilities and sees the true value of risk management
  • An online risk register: tailored to your specifications and with risks aligned to your organisation’s strategic objectives and aims. We will help you to create an escalation process to ensure that high level risks are reviewed by senior management
  • Risk reports: which will help you to provide assurance to oversight committees and groups, aggregating the risk information to provide an accurate picture of what risks you are facing, identifying any hotspots
  • A full training programme covering the basics of risk management, practical risk management and risk identification workshops
    Automation of a range of tasks to ensure that risks are monitored and updated.

The benefits

Our team is able to deliver face-to-face training to groups and individuals, tailored to your requirements.

Support with risk management, from implementation to ongoing support

Support for merging organisations to transfer risks to new entities, ensuring risk management processes are maintained seamlessly and in place for the new organisation.

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