‘#CutCovid’ CYP awareness campaign

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The challenge

Previous work indicated that Covid messaging was failing to reach and inform older children and young people living in Medway. A key challenge was to come up with new and creative ways of framing evolving guidance that appealed to older children and young people and that they found relevant and informative.

    Our response

    Our project team collaborated to design, prepare, and implement an engagement approach to innovate and widen the distribution of social media campaigns. Content was designed to be digital first and to encourage organic sharing in young people’s friendship groups.

    The social media campaign was spread across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok and at its height reached an estimated 26,500 children and young people across Medway.

    Mobile screenshot mockups of Covid marketing in Medway


    Our Cut COVID social media campaign won the UKPHR award for the collaboration with Medway Council and Medway Public Health. The campaign engaged children and young people about actions they can take to help reduce coronavirus spread.

    “A true collaboration between agencies and stakeholders.”

    James Harman

    Head of Children’s Services Commissioning at Medway Council