East Consultancy volunteers at CoFarm, Cambridge

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Jun 7, 2024

Earlier this year, six colleagues from NECS’ East Consultancy team spent a day volunteering at CoFarm in Cambridge. CoFarm Cambridge is in the process of co-creating an agroecological community farm with and for the community in Abbey, Cambridge. It’s a pioneering project designed to address climate change, biodiversity loss and health inequalities

The day was organised by Olivia Bull, a Consultant in East team, who chose this venue to volunteer at after seeing their promotional poster while passing during the COVID lockdown. Olivia later discovered that CoFarm’s produce is donated to eight community food hubs in Cambridge, aiding those facing food insecurity, so she thought this would be ideal place for the team to help out.

It offered the team a chance to collaborate, connect with nature and give back to the community.

Throughout the day, activities included weeding, removing overgrown plants and planting onion seedlings. Luckily the weather was perfect and Peter Wrapson, one of the horticultural leads at CoFarm, provided clear and detailed guidance throughout the day. The tasks were suited to everyone, regardless of their gardening experience. The majority of the team found the experience very therapeutic and are now considering taking up gardening as a hobby.

Dan Neville, Senior Consultant, said: “I’m grateful for the time I got to spend at CoFarm, even if it was just weeding and planting some onions. The more important aspect was spending time with my colleagues, chatting about life in general and not some report that’s due in. I was not surprised when Peter mentioned that previous volunteers had decided to take a career change once they caught the green fingers bug, it is quite exciting sowing seeds, adding some water, nurturing the seedling and seeing the fruits (or veg) of your labour grow.

“I hope the people of Cambridge enjoy the best onions they’ll ever try (probably). We look forward to our next group volunteer day!”

NECS’ emphasis on and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), allowing staff time out of their busy schedules, is what made this day happen. The team would like to thank Peter for his time and warm hospitality and Olivia for organising the day. This event not only strengthened the team, but it also allowed them to make a meaningful contribution to the community.