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Population Health Management

Thursday 24th May 2018

Population Health Management

Risk Stratification is a critical element to Population Health Management. NECS has the expertise, agile approach and ability to convert data and information into intelligence that drives change.

We have been working across the region to support CCGs achieve their individual goals and ultimately improve the health of local populations through:

  • Providing an application that delivers a comprehensive approach to risk stratification
  • An approach that underpins predictive models to assess susceptibility to a range of Triple Fail events and the impact of interventions on different patient cohorts
  • Linking data sets and running algorithms to produce visualisations to allow further interrogation to understand how the most impactable interventions should be delivered

NECS’ robust approach ensures predictions are sufficiently accurate and underpinned by timely, robust evidence in order to drive action.

To learn more on how we can provide you with a holistic view of health and social care services performance, costs, utilisation and quality against population health needs contact the team on