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Business Analytics

Insightful analysis to inform decision making

Once you have the tools for collecting data and information you also need the expertise to provide insightful business analysis. We support an evidence based approach to your decision making by analysing, interpreting and reporting on data – making it meaningful and useful, and generating real insight and intelligence.

We offer
• Evidence based analysis, reporting and recommendations to support pathway reform, commissioning intentions and business case development
• Geographic analysis and mapping
• Benchmarked analysis using statistical processes and tools to highlight variation
• Impact analysis of commissioning decisions and pathway redesign, including baseline assessments, demand/scenario modelling and outcome evaluations
• Data analysis and scorecards to underpin performance reporting
• Professional interpretation, advice and support on data and its uses, including advice on the impact and implementation of national policy
• Expertise in analysis techniques and statistical processes
• Moving from data to decision through insight, recommendation, and answers to ‘so-what’ questions.

With our experience and expertise you can be confident that you are making informed decisions based on robust evidence to support your operations – this includes contracting, finance, planning, public health and medicines optimisation. We enable you to plan for meeting patients’ needs, now and in the future, and ensuring you are getting best value for money.

How we’ve helped
We produce deep dive business analysis bringing together local intelligence, JSNA and national data to help inform commissioning leads of the opportunities for financial saving across the healthcare system. With a focus on variation in primary care, our analysis promotes reduced expenditure through improved quality and has informed incentive schemes and commissioning intentions for our CCG customers.

Benefits have included:
• Improved case finding and completeness of disease registers
• Identification of outliers in primary care in the use of hospital outpatient and community services
• Review of prescribing practice in primary care. We produce comprehensive risk profiles of health populations and support CCG risk stratification schemes. Our geographic analysis by disease prevalence, age, gender and service uptake facilitates the design and targeting of CCG interventions. We work with commissioning and clinical leads to develop metrics for evaluation and impact analysis of healthcare interventions. We match our risk profiles to locally tailored Health Needs Assessments to give a holistic view of the health economy at CCG or small area level.

We have supported:
• Development of primary care risk stratification schemes
• Profiling of initiative impact for the Better Care Fund
• Equality analysis of service provision.