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Population Health Management

Better health outcomes, improved patient experience and reduced costs.

Population Health Management is understanding what has happened, is happening, and what might happen within your population, in order to inform and engage with providers and citizens in health matters and care delivery, to improve the care available and optimise health outcomes.

We use RAIDR our business intelligence (BI) tool and advanced analytical techniques to link and aggregate data to provide a comprehensive clinical cohort analysis allowing the health system to track, and hopefully improve, clinical outcomes while lowering costs. We will provide right-time insights to both clinicians and managers allowing them to identify and address care gaps within the patient population.

Key areas within Population Health Management include population segmentation, risk stratification and impactability analysis, underpinned by disciplines such as actuarial analysis and impact assessments. We believe patient-centred care strategies based on the needs of local populations provide the key to better population health management.

Our vision is to provide you with a local, tailored Population Health Management Dashboard, giving your health system a single version of the truth from which decisions about the health and care delivery of your population can be made using an evidence base and insights to inform service transformation and monitor value through outcomes.

To see how NECS can support your organisation with Population Health Management please get in contact with one of our experts.