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Corporate Governance and Assurance

We provide a specialist service which ensures sound corporate governance frameworks and systems

NECS’ governance service provides our customers with a specialist service which ensures that your organisation has sound corporate governance frameworks and systems in place to assure governing body or board compliance with statutory obligations. Our specialist governance team can support you with advice and guidance relating to corporate governance and assurance, Information Governance, Risk Management, Incident Management, Health, Safety, Fire and Security, Equality and Diversity and Business Continuity which can be tailored to meet individual organisational needs.

We offer

  • A range of specialised governance services – we can provide you with a tailored governance service to suit your individual organisational requirements.
  • Governance services which are planned, developed, reviewed and evaluated by experienced, well trained and enthusiastic staff. This means that your governance
    service offering is also aligned with the principles and practice of continual improvement.
  • Partnership working across different service line offerings – teams can work closely on any cross-cutting projects/topics, quickly identify and address any areas that require wider team support or advise and any areas of interdependency.
  • Advice, support and tools on a range of governance services such as corporate governance and assurance, information governance, risk management, incident
    management, health and safety, fire and security, equality and diversity and business continuity.

NECS provide “Good Governance” support and advice. Good governance ensures that the ways in which organisations run themselves are efficient and effective. Good governance also ensures organisations are open and accountable to the people they serve for the work they do.

All effective public and private sector organisations aim to have good governance. For an NHS organisation like NECS, good governance is about creating a framework
within which we:

  • Provide our customers with good quality services
  • Are transparent in the ways we are responsible and accountable for our work
  • Ensure we continually improve the ways we work

Good governance is maintained by the structures, systems and processes we put in place to ensure the proper management of our work, and by the ways we expect our staff to work.

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