Simeon Nichols on his journey to Junior Consultant

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Jan 25, 2023

Simeon Nichols tells us about his journey which has led him to becoming a Junior Consultant in NECS Consultancy’s team in just under two years and what drew him to choose NECS as his preferred employer

Simeon joined NECS in January 2021 through the NECS 100 programme. He has gone from a Graduate Intern to a Commissioning Support Officer and is now a permanent part of the NECS Consultancy team.

“I grew up in North London and moved to Durham to go to university to study a degree in Biomedical Science. Following this, I didn’t actually know what area of work I wanted to go into – but I knew that I wanted to push myself to develop professional skills like leadership, communication and problem solving. I felt that NECS would be a really good place to do this as I wanted to work for an organisation which would stretch me. Working for the NHS was a big draw for me because of the impact we can have in improving lives.

“I joined NECS in early 2021 as a Graduate Intern, first working with the Covid-19 Transport Service and then securing a permanent position in June 2021 as a Commissioning Support Officer in the Provider Management team in Newcastle. I am now a Junior Consultant in NECS Consultancy’s Cambridge team and very much enjoying it.

“NECS’s core values really align with me own, particularly around honesty and integrity. People at NECS work really hard to foster a positive environment and I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with people with wide ranging experience from all walks of life on complex projects. This has given me a great baseline of knowledge and a strong foundation for working in the NHS and I now have skills that can be applied to many other divisions and sectors.

“NECS is big on personal development and there are always training courses available to sharpen your skills. My view is that the relationships you build are key and people around you teach you the most. It is a really exciting time to be part of NECS and I am gaining a lot from being here – there are ambitious plans for the future and a lot of opportunities to get on board through programmes like NECS100. My personal highlight has been getting to know my colleagues as the people make the place.”