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Corporate Social Responsibility

At NECS our explicit strategic aim is to be a sustainable and profitable business.

In 2019 we set out our strategic ambitions for delivering a sustainable business model in the NECS business strategy and in ‘NECS 2021’, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Business sustainability is often defined as managing the triple bottom line – a process by which organisations manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. These three impacts are often referred to as – People, Planet and Place.

NECS is committed to being a sustainable business making best use of resources and maximising our positive impact, now and for future generations across our business footprint.
NECS 2021 sets out what we want to achieve, our priorities for CSR, and what success looks like.

Our ambition with NECS 2021 is that it enables us to continue to deliver and expand our quality products and services, drives improvement and cost efficiencies and helps us address the challenges facing our customers.

CSR Group
NECS has an established CSR Group comprised of NECS representatives from Estates, IT, Governance, HR, Communications, NECS Council and the Health and Safety, Fire & Security Committee. The CSR Group is chaired by Michelle McGuigan NECS Organisational Development & Corporate Services Director.

The CSR Group meet at least 4 times a year and is accountable for the effective delivery of the objectives and success measures detailed in the underpinning action plans. The delivery of NECS 2021 CSR Strategy will be overseen by the NECS Integrated Governance and Risk Committee.

Each of our four areas of focus are underpinned by a detailed action plan and each plan is owned and implemented by a member of the CSR Group.

NECS 2021 will be delivered with and through our people, and our business processes.
Initiatives and campaigns will be launched across the three years through our communications work stream to provide opportunities for all staff to be a part of making NECS a sustainable and profitable business.

Our CSR Strategy can be viewed here: CSR Strategy 2019-21

Carbon Reduction
NECS Public Procurement Notice 2021
NECS Carbon Reduction Plan 2021-22