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Corporate Social Responsibility

NECS’ approach and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is driven by our Vision, Mission and Social Purpose.

NECS has a clear social purpose to reduce inequalities, create jobs and generate wealth for our communities. Sustainable business is at the heart of our success to date and our plans for the future and we are committed to creating a sustainable inclusive society.

As part of our strategic objectives for 2022/23, NECS has committed to ‘Continue to develop NECS’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, particularly focusing on what is required to further develop our approach to sustainability and our Carbon Reduction Plan, to achieve Net Zero by 2045’.

NECS2025 embodies who we are as an organisation through our commitment to our planet and communities and as is a key enabler to reducing inequalities, creating jobs and generating wealth for our communities. NECS2025 will allow us to meet local and national legislation and guidance.

As NECS continues its CSR journey, the organisation recognises the great challenges and opportunities there are ahead. NECS2025 sets our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach and outlines our key areas of focus.

CSR Group
NECS has an established CSR Group comprised of NECS representatives from Estates, IT, Governance, HR, Communications, NECS Council and the Health and Safety, Fire & Security Committee. The CSR Group is chaired by Claire Gooday NECS Organisational Development & Corporate Services Director. The CSR Group meet at least 4 times a year and is accountable for the effective delivery of the objectives and success measures detailed in the underpinning action plans.

Each of our areas of focus are underpinned by a detailed action plan and each plan is owned and implemented by a member of the CSR Group.

NECS2025 will be delivered with and through our people and our business processes and can be viewed here:
NECS2025 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Final

Carbon Reduction
NECS Public Procurement Notice 2021
Carbon Reduction Plan November 2022