Becoming Disability Positive at work

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The challenge

The NHS England London Equality & Inclusion team asked us to help introduce their new initiative encouraging staff to be confident in sharing their disability status and getting individualised support.

    Our response

    We contacted the NHS disability networks and talked to people about the issues. They told us about the NHS as an employer and why people were sometimes afraid to share their disability status. Often the experience depended on the attitude of a line manager; the discussion limited by the information available.

    Social media graphic - man looking at camera accompanied by message saying "Be all that you can be." advertising a disability positive event.


    We created a manager’s guide for conversations about disability and reasonable adjustments to make these discussions less emotionally taxing, along with other marketing materials and digital assets to promote a launch webinar and the wider programme.

    “We want to encourage staff to share their disability needs with us so we can continue to attract, recruit, and retain the best people.”

    Usman Anwar

    Senior Insight Lead, Equality & Inclusion London