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Information Governance

NECS Information Governance (IG) Service can help ensure your information is handled safely. Our experienced and qualified experts provide advice and guidance and offer support and tools on a range of information governance issues. Our aim is to improve the customer’s experience by offering a unique variety of skills in the areas of data protection and freedom of information.

We offer:

  • Information sharing, confidentiality and data protection, information security, information risk management and records management
  • Information Access Requests – our team is experienced in processing Subject Access Requests (Data Protection Act 1998) and Freedom of Information Requests (FOI Act 2000). We have led on creating Publication Schemes in line with the Information Commissioner’s model scheme
  • HSCIC Information Governance Toolkit – our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in IG toolkit self-assessments and action-planning
  • Information Governance policies and procedures – we are experienced in drafting policies and procedures which are in line with current legislative and regulatory requirements and which satisfy the requirements of the IG Toolkit and current data protection legislation
  • We have extensive experience in the drafting of appropriate information sharing agreements and can advise on and/or review agreements involving multiple agencies
  • Help with drafting Privacy Notices to ensure the ‘fair’ processing’ requirements of current data protection legislation are met
  • Help with conducting and advising on Privacy Impact Assessments for projects and processes
  • A range of assurance reports covering all aspects of corporate governance performance which can be tailored to your needs

A team of highly trained and skilled IG experts in all aspects of information governance including the General Data Protection Regulation.

Our experts and experience provide a complete IG service that is appropriate to your organisation’s needs.

We can help you comply with Data Protection and FOI law and measure performance against compliance with information requests and the IG Toolkit.

How we’ve helped
Since the creation of NECS we have handled over 12, 000 Freedom of Information requests and helped all of the CCGs in the North East to achieve a Level 2 in the Information Governance Toolkit and achieve ‘significant assurance’ at audit. We have created bespoke governance assurance reports for customers and policies and procedures tailored to their specific needs.

We have supported customers in developing information sharing agreements with partner organisations and have been actively involved in local health and social care integration programmes to ensure the information governance elements are appropriately addressed.