Joe Nixon on how NECS100 helped him get his dream job in communications

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Feb 15, 2023

Former NECS100 programme candidate Joe Nixon tells us how he’d always aspired to work in communications, and how the programme provided him with the opportunity to gain the experience which led to him securing a permanent role in the communications team.

“After graduating from Sunderland University with a BA English and Creative Writing degree, I joined the NECS100 programme from a hospitality background.

“I started my NECS100 journey rotating between HR, IT and Communications. Following this, I secured a permanent role in HR before moving onto another permanent role in the Communications team, where I am currently working as a Communications and Engagement Assistant. During my time in the NECS100 programme, I’ve worked in three departments in five different roles which has given me a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

“The programme offers excellent career and development opportunities, which is the reason I applied to join, as I wanted to pursue a long-term career in the NHS.NECS encourage and support career progression internally. I have always felt encouraged to progress my career.  Opportunities do arise, and it is encouraged internally to maintain and develop current staff (especially those on the NECS100 programme).

“Throughout my NECS100 journey, I have worked with several departments and teams, which has given me a good broad knowledge of NECS and the wider NHS.

“Whilst on the NECS100 programme, I got the opportunity to work with local media including the BBC as part of my communications role. I’ve met lots of supportive people within the organisation, whilst building strong professional relationships that could prove useful in my future career.

“For me, the programme has been a huge success! I have secured a full-time job in the communications team. I’ve always aspired to have a rewarding career in communications within the NHS and I am so proud to have achieved this.”

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