CQRS Local celebrates remarkable achievements in 2023 Annual Report

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May 16, 2024

Calculating Quality and Reporting Service (CQRS) Local, an NHS online payment system which is dedicated to streamlining claims management of Local Incentive Schemes for primary care providers, has launched its 2023 Annual Report.

The report showcases significant milestones and advancements achieved over the last year, continuing to facilitate timely reporting, quality data, decision making, and ultimately patient care.

CQRS Local is an NHS England funded web-based claims management system. It was developed by the CSU Collaborative as the go-to, web-based portal for providers and commissioners to manage their own Localised Incentive Schemes which reflect local healthcare priorities. The system complements the national CQRS system which is also managed by the CSU Collaborative.

Rick McLeod, NECS Chief Technology Officer and member of the CSU Collaborative senior leadership team, said:

“The CQRS Local programme has proven to be a cornerstone in our efforts to transform claims management of Local Incentive Schemes across the country. It has contributed to the overarching goal of improving patient outcomes and healthcare delivery within local communities.”

 Key highlights from the 2023 Annual Report include:

  • Substantial growth in claims: registered users processed £38.1 million worth of claims in 2023, a significant increase from the previous year. This growth highlights the growing adoption and effectiveness of CQRS Local in supporting accurate and timely claims management.
  • Improved system performance: during 2023, service availability for CQRS National was 100% and for CQRS Local it was 99.97%, reflecting the programme’s commitment to deliver reliable and accessible digital solutions for users.
  • Growing user base: five new ICB and sub ICB clients were onboarded in 2023, bringing the total number of ICBs using CQRS Local to 19, including 40 sub-locations. This demonstrates the growing recognition and adoption of the system amongst healthcare organisations.
  • Outstanding performance: October 2023 emerged as the highest performing month of the year, with £9.4 million worth of claims processed, highlighting the effectiveness of the system in managing claims efficiently.

The CSU Collaborative senior management team extend their gratitude to partners, stakeholders, and the healthcare community for their support, as well as to the dedicated CQRS Local team for their efforts in driving the programme’s success.

Looking ahead, the CQRS Local team is committed to building on the success of 2023 by further delivering the benefits of streamlined claims management to providers and commissioners across England.