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Data Management

Intelligence for health professionals

We are an NHS England approved Data Services for Commissioners Regional Office – which means we have both the expertise and systems to manage your data safely and securely. Our data management environment provides the perfect foundation on which to build dynamic business intelligence tools and solutions.

From acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing required data, we ensure the accessibility, reliability, and timeliness for our users.

We offer:

  • Data warehousing – from simple spreadsheets to multimillion record datasets our automated processing routines provide efficient and reliable platforms in which to hold your data
  • Data transformation –normalising and conforming data using custom derivations to produce tailored outputs.
  • Data security – we utilise a state-of-the-art data centre making sure your data is safe, secure and always available
  • Integration – disparate systems with data held in silos is history; we have systems and processes in place allowing data to flow seamlessly between applications using for example REST APIs
  • Knowledge – our team are Microsoft certified in SQL and data engineering as well as Microsoft and AWS certified in cloud architecture. We combine this with our deep understanding of NHS data standards and frameworks
  • Robust governance – carefully protecting the flow and management of sensitive personal data, assuring confidentiality
  • Primary Care – providing a route to access the rich data held within GP practices alongside expert advice on data quality all while maintaining strict patient confidentiality.

Data management can have significant benefits for health and care organisations, patients/citizens, clinical and non-clinical workers. Improving patient, financial, quality and workforce outcomes is critical for NHS and social care sustainability. The challenges of fragmented datasets, infrastructure scaleability, confidentialiy, legalities and security remain some of the most significant concerns.

We take away the headaches this can bring and give you peace of mind around all aspects of managing your data requirements, supporting you to navigate round this complex landscape safely and securely.

Customer testimonial

We are very satisfied with the service we are receiving, the advice and assistance you have provided in managing our data has been very useful and refreshing. Your support with our population health management programme, providing integrated data and an information governance framework for our GP practices and PCNs has been invaluable and a great foundation to build our population health management approaches within the Suffolk and North East Essex Care System. Thank you for everything you are doing” Keith Ellis – Head of Contract Finance & BI, North East Essex CCG