In the ever-changing NHS landscape, the demand for exemplary leadership within your organisation has never been more crucial. You need high quality leaders at every level to deliver high quality compassionate care. Our team, comprised of seasoned consultants, brings decades of experience supporting organisations to achieve excellence through their people. We boast a unique blend of CIPD qualified HR and learning and development professionals, complemented by ILM Level 5 and 7 qualified coaches who specialise in both executive-level and team coaching.


Our offer

Our coaching programmes support individuals and teams unlock their full potential and facilitate the leadership and positive culture required to deliver agile and sustainable services. Our approach includes:

  • At the core of our offering lies a commitment to bespoke coaching solutions that go beyond the ordinary. We understand the distinctive challenges faced by NHS organisations and teams and have crafted our coaching programmes to address these challenges directly.
  • Our team’s expertise extends beyond conventional coaching; we bring a fresh perspective to leadership, harnessing the power of individual and team coaching to drive meaningful change within your organisation.
  • Our targeted interventions enhance individual and team performance and collaboration by identifying and addressing areas for improvement, fostering a culture of growth and communication.

The NECS consultancy People Service Line can support your organisation develop and enhance the skills, performance and resilience required to achieve your desired objectives. Our coaching programmes act as a catalyst for transformative change, fostering resilience and adaptability within your organisation.



The benefits

  • Our coaching initiatives contribute to the strategic development of your workforce, enhancing employee and team engagement.
  • Tailored for both individuals and teams, our programmes have a proven track record of identifying and nurturing high-potential talent, ultimately leading to significant performance improvement.
  • We go beyond identifying strengths and weaknesses; we uncover hidden opportunities and drive holistic leadership development.
  • Our specialised coaching programmes are crafted to meet your unique needs ensuring that your leaders and teams are well-equipped to excel in the changing and fast-paced NHS landscape. 

Contact the team

“The coaching support provided by NECS has helped our organisation move the culture of our executive team to one of more accountability and teamwork. It has also helped me personally grow in my role and understand how to work with the executives as well as my own staff.”

Head of a PMO

“The coaching support allowed us to ‘see through the smoke’ and get the team to stay focused and consider the real issues. Our coach was articulate and rather than giving a solution, they would challenge staff with questions to drive the proper course of action. This approach was helpful, as I believe that giving staff the tools to identify solutions is a valuable part of developing a culture where we are constantly assessing and improving our performance.”

President & CEO

Central Maine Healthcare