Marc Ahmed

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“If you are thinking of a career in digital application development at NECS, I would definitely recommend applying.”

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Marc Ahmed is lead Delivery Manager for digital applications at NECS in the Data Management and Digital Development team. He shares how his day to day work helps to improve patient outcomes.

“I’ve worked for NECS since 2019 and currently manage the development team which is responsible for developing digital applications and offer solutions which make improvements for patients. My role is to oversee and look after our developers, testers and solution analysts, but an average day for me can be quite varied.

“I specifically work with the development team and Product Owners – ranging from internal experts to external customers – and am involved in stand-ups with the developers, sprint planning reviews, retrospectives and show and tells. I also get involved in technical planning and liaise with Product Owners to make sure their specifications are being documented accurately.

“I’ve been part of many interesting projects, one of which was the UEC-RAIDR (link to page) Application which provides an insight into health system pressures such as 111 and 999 call volumes, A&E and Ambulance Activity and OPEL status declarations. The system receives a vast amount of data updates per day, performing aggregations and summaries of this data.

“Before joining NECS, I worked with the UEC App from a secondary care perspective. My team would provide the metrics that form part of the system which includes real time emergency department and OPEL status for the hospital trust. This helped to visualise pressure local to the organisation, but contributed to reporting pressure in the regional health system. It has been really interesting coming to work at NECS and being directly involved in further development of the application, seeing the implementation and scale of the technology in use and being able to bring first-hand user and technical knowledge of the application.



“My background is in software development and data management. After working within NHS Trusts for 17 years, I wanted more of a challenge and to work at regional and national level. So I was delighted to be able to come to NECS which offers all this and more.

“I feel that the work we do at NECS does actually make a difference, which is hugely important to me. Digital systems are probably better known in financial, insurance and entertainment sectors, but in terms of the health economy, there is so much we can do to help benefit people and our customers. This is the main motivation for me – delivering services in the NHS which have a directly positive impact on patients.

“If you are thinking of a career in digital application development at NECS, I would definitely recommend applying. Changing jobs and careers can feel like a leap of faith, but it’s one that I think people should take as there is so much to learn and so many development opportunities. The culture within our team and at NECS overall is outstanding.”