North of England Commissioning Support Unit


Our Consultancy Unit offers bespoke consulting services to the public sector including NHS and local authorities across the country utilising the skills and expertise of NECS. We work with executive teams across health economies to help them achieve their goals, to create real sustainable change and fundamentally improve services to transform people’s lives.

We are an approved provider on the North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative Consultancy Framework (Lots 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6).

We offer:

– Strategy development: Working with our clients to identify their corporate and operational strategy
– Issue based problem solving: Identify the root cause of the problems facing our clients
– Quantitative and qualitative evaluation: Provide insight into the views of our clients’ clients e.g. patients and professional groups
– Analytics analysis and financial modelling: Leveraging NECS’ business intelligence to drive insight
– System Leadership: Provide external facilitation to support our client’s executive teams

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