Disclose is an effective way to manage your organisation’s conflicts of interest, including declarations, gifts and hospitality. It enables you to manage risk whilst improving efficiency, accuracy and reducing the administrative burden. 

Disclose guides employees thoughtfully through the disclosure process and sets clear expectations, while proactively engaging and educating employees about the conflict-of-interest policy. 

It’s easily accessible from smartphone, PC or tablet. Disclose delivers the NHS England Conflict of Interest requirements in one easy system. 

Our offer

  • SaaS, technical support & hosting   
  • Mobilisation and training: we design mobilisation and training programmes to reflect the way in which services are delivered, commissioned, and supported in an area   
  • Governance: which is DCB0129 clinical safety standard compliant, IG (DPIA/DPA) compliant. We are also working towards full DTAC/DSPT compliance  
  • Ongoing support: in addition to standard help desk and technical support offerings, our team works continuously with customers to identify opportunities for improvements to existing functionality and new features that will benefit all system users.  

The benefits

  • A single source of reporting truth and application will remove running from multiple spreadsheets
  • Tighter controls over data and visibility by reducing Personal Identifiable Data (PID) being sent by email and manual collation of reports
  • Elimination of manual follow-up and administrative burden
  • It drives completion with reminders leading up to and after the due date of disclosures
  • Automatic escalation of high risk to relevant administrators.

Contact the team

Chris Carlton
Technical Development Lead