Check+ is the new landing portal of all modules run by NECS on behalf of providers to manage elective procedures. It currently incorporates both of the EBIcheck+ and IFRcheck+ modules and allows clinicians to access a system which is tailored to their needs.  

It offers either an instant outcome to a request (for a PAT for procedures of limited clinical value) or a one stop shop for submission of an independent funding request (IFR) – and then monitors the submission from start to finish. It uses one secure system without the need to transfer data from one source to another. 

The EBIcheck+ module is for clinicians who want to check that patients meet current commissioning criteria to be eligible for funding for a procedure of limited clinical value (POLCV). 

The IFRcheck+ module is for clinicians who wish to refer patients for procedures where they don’t meet current commissioned criteria, but the clinician believes the patient is a clinical exception.  

We have a variety of packages to suit your needs, including packaged or bespoke modules and our dedicated team will offer onboarding, ongoing training and support. Go to to access the Check+ portal.

Our offer


  • A web-based system which provides an instant funding decision on a patient meeting the policy criteria and prior funding approval for procedures covered in the local policy
  • Experience of deployment of the VBC Checker system to over 50 secondary care providers and over 570 GP practices simultaneously 
  • Development of clinical policies to support policy decision making 
  • Expert contract advice on implementation with secondary care providers to ensure that the ICB only funds activity which has prior funding approval 
  • Finance and contracting expertise on the reconciliation process at procedure level with providers. 
  • An evidence base for reducing provider contract demand plans. 


    • A web-based system that includes a full, end-to-end path flow, from clinician request to decision  
    • Works hand in hand with local IFR teams to ensure smooth transition of requests and a fully tracked, auditable timeline so all users can see exactly which part of the process currently sits 
    • Used by more than 50 providers and over 570 GP practices 
    • Works alongside the EBIcheck+ system to make sure that any claims not eligible for funding through the commissioning system, where the referrer believes the patient meets clinical exceptionality, can be passed through the IFRcheck+ system, rather than having to utilise multiple, independent systems through the process 
    • A standardised log in and user interface ensuring consistency and ease of use for all stakeholders. 

      The benefits

      • Real time updates on all submissions through the IFRcheck+ module 
      • Policies on commissioned procedures are regularly updated to ensure they are accurate at all times for clinicians
      • All local policies can be downloaded from the system, so everything is available within one system
      • A robust onboarding services, including full user guides and training sessions 
      • A responsive contact service where any issues are responded to ASAP. 

      Contact the team

      Claire Wong
      Programme Lead, Elective Services