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Workforce is a simple employee management system that works in harmony with electronic staff records (ESR), HR policies and financial planning. It creates a seamless experience for both employees and managers. 

Workforce removes boundaries to employees completing statutory and mandatory training and other tasks with just one system. At the same time, it enables managers to monitor compliance rates. 

Whether you are a one GP practice, a large acute trust or a care home, Workforce provides real-time dashboards and reports, enabling proactive management of your staff resources. 

Our offer

  • SaaS, technical support & hosting  
  • Mobilisation and training: we design mobilisation and training programmes to reflect the way in which services are delivered, commissioned, and supported in an area  
  • Governance: which is DCB0129 clinical safety standard compliant, IG (DPIA/DPA) compliant. We are also working towards full DTAC/DSPT compliance 
  • Ongoing support: in addition to standard help desk and technical support offerings, our team works continuously with customers to identify opportunities for improvements to existing functionality and new features that will benefit all system users.  

    The benefits

    Workforce uses one system with modular features, meaning no more spreadsheets or paper-based systems are required. With Workforce, health and social care teams can easily book, manage or audit and see details including:

    • Absence
    • Overtime and TOIL
    • Annual leave
    • Expenses
    • Training
    • Appraisals
    • ePayslips
    • eLearning
    • Desk booking
    • Staff directory

    The system is simple to use and administer and doesn’t require any additional support for transactional staff.

    Contact the team

    Chris Carlton
    Technical Development Lead