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Spending NHS funding in the most efficient way ensuring evidence-based and safe patient outcomes.

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Value Based Commissioning (VBC) and procedures of limited clinical value are at the heart of all CCG plans to ensure efficient use of NHS resources, utilising evidence based and safe patient outcomes.

NECS has developed a comprehensive VBC programme which includes:

  • A web based system that provides an instant funding decision on a patient meeting the policy criteria and prior funding approval for procedures covered in the local policy.
  • Experience of deployment of the VBC Checker system to 17 secondary care providers and over 400 GP practices simultaneously.
  • Development of clinical policies to support policy decision making.
  • Expert contract advice on implementation with secondary care providers to ensure that the CCG only funds activity which has prior funding approval.
  • Finance and contracting expertise on the reconciliation process at procedure level with providers.
  • An evidence base for reducing provider contract demand plans.